Episode #5: The Role of Design in Sustainability

4 min to watch


July 14, 2022

July 14, 2022

Pioneer Sessions

Much like the change in expectations around customer experience (which we discussed in Episode 3), expectations and standards around sustainability keep evolving. A common thread in both CX and sustainability is the  pivotal role design plays in pioneering a better future.

Many Studiospace agencies care deeply about sustainability and take the role that they can play in “designing for sustainability” seriously.  We spoke to Palo-IT and Tobias to explore how they see the role of design in sustainability. 

The Role of Design in Sustainability

There's no doubt that the field of design can help usher in a more sustainable future. But what are consumers' expectations and brands' responsibilities when it comes to designing for sustainability? And should we be moving beyond aiming for sustainability to aiming for regeneration instead?

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