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What is Inclusive Marketing?

Inclusive marketing is essentially marketing that considers diversity in all its forms. This includes age, appearance, ethnicity, and gender identity, as well as language, socio-economic status, and religion, just to name a few. It’s really about recognising that your audience is made up of lots of different groups of people.

Essentially, in a world where brands need to connect with new audiences to grow, it’s never been more important to consider inclusion in your marketing strategy. Our guide will get into the do’s and don’t’s.

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Key takeaways from the Inclusive Marketing Report

Do listen to your audience. Find out what it is that the community you’re hoping to appeal to needs or wants from your brand.
Do look at your in-house team. Make sure that your in-house team is reflective of the inclusive message that you’re trying to market.
Do be consistent and commit to your cause. Supporting a diverse and inclusive society shouldn’t be limited to one month: promote consumer loyalty by remaining consistent and committed.
Don’t forget to think beyond your inclusive marketing campaign. Ensure that your marketing team have the necessary support and decide how you’re going to interact with negativity after the campaign is launched.
Don’t assume that simply having a diverse team means they’re comfortable to speak up - it’s not enough! Fostering a diverse working environment is great, but does everyone in your team have an equally important voice?
Don’t exploit communities for profit. Don’t use communities to make profit without donating to those causes/communities themselves!

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