Why StudioSpace?

We're the new, on-demand way to source digital & marketing services.

Get what you need, when you need, for as long as you need it. Completely flexible and infinitely scalable - why tie yourself into long term, inflexible contracts when StudioSpace offers a smart, simple solution that lets you keep pace with the fast changing marketplace for specialist agency services.

  • Vetted selection of the world’s best specialist agencies
  • Brief to Kick-off in days not months
  • Single supplier contract with StudioSpace backed by our guarantee

Our on-demand specialist digital and marketing services

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Delivering a "one-stop shop" solution
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Providing additional UX/UI firepower
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Case Study 3
Customer research at speed
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to request that a non-disclosure agreement be signed by each agency?

All of our agencies have agreed to a non-disclosure agreement. Your project details will only be shared with agencies you have chosen to share them with. More information can be found in our Client Terms & Conditions in the footer.

How much does it cost to use the StudioSpace platform?

For clients, it’s free to create an account, browse our agencies and submit a brief. Agencies set their own pricing to clients and pay StudioSpace a 15% commission on the value of their fees to a client as our service fee.

How does contracting with multiple agencies work?

Your contract is with StudioSpace and once set up, you can work with any agency on our platform. We’ll set up briefing and proposal meetings and manage all the contract admin and invoicing.

How do I shortlist an agency on the platform?

Create an account here and brief a project by going onto the “Projects” section of our platform and click the “Create Project” button. If you’d like to discuss a potential project with a StudioSpace expert, please get in touch with our team via this link.

How secure is my data?

At StudioSpace, we’re committed to keeping our data secure as we build our platform. Our servers are self-managed and not shared with companies other than StudioSpace, all of our requests are protected through HTTPS encryption. Read more here.

What value do agencies get from joining StudioSpace

The main benefit agencies received from joining StudioSpace is access to the world’s most exciting corporate brands. Agencies can receive project briefs and have the chance to send proposals to new clients such Jaguar Land Rover, Aviva, HSBC, Google, Walmart, Superdrug etc. We contract with the client to save agencies the hassle of onboarding and procurement. In addition to that, we pay you within 14 days, setting an industry-leading standard.

What happens if an agency doesn't meet expectations?

We recognise that like with any relationship, things don’t always work out as planned. That’s why every project you start with us comes with a StudioSpace guarantee, meaning that if an agency fails to deliver on their contract, we will immediately find a replacement at no charge.

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