What is StudioSpace?

We allow brands to source digital & marketing services when they need, for as long as they need them; completely flexible and infinitely scalable.

  • Single supplier contract with StudioSpace, backed by our guarantee
  • Vetted selection of the world’s best specialist agencies
  • Brief to Kick-off in days not months
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Why StudioSpace?

Benefits for your brand

  • Matching
  • Agility
  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility

Get to know each other

Our hand-picked agencies will take the time to learn about your brand during an initial meet. You’ll then be given the chance to review their project proposals before committing to anything. These steps help to ensure a stronger working relationship between you and your agency.

Work at scale

Leveraging multi-specialist projects

Leading brands are using StudioSpace to curate teams of experts from different disciplines to solve their business challenges.

These ambitious brands work directly with the craft specialists found in independent agencies, cutting out the layer of account management in agency holding companies.

Brand One:
An established brand undertakes a huge digital transformation, forms joint teams of specialists to complete multiple programmes, transforming different parts of the organisation.

Brand Two:
An innovative project to develop and launch a new venture for the business. The company engaged different independent agencies along the journey to discover, design and deliver a brand new proposition.

Brand Three:
A well-known global brand leveraged specialist skills alongside their local market knowledge to create an aligned 3-5 year digital experience vision.

Case studies

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Providing Additional UX/UI Firepower

A Financial Services client running a major digital transformation program needed additional UX/UI firepower to supplement their existing project team. StudioSpace was able to offer a ready-made solution, with a squad of UX/UI designers from one of our agencies able to drop into the project and get up and running from day one.

Case Study: Supplementing a brand's existing design team
Vetted and verified

A diverse agency community, ready to work with you

  • 9 Family businesses
  • 78 languages spoken
  • 30% of agencies female-founded [with a target of 50%]
  • Over 1,000 awards won
  • Proven sector expertise
Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it

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TAL Insurance
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MA Financial Group

Our full service capabilities

Customer & Business Strategy

Business Strategy
CRM Strategy
Customer Strategy
Data Strategy
Digital Strategy
Experience Strategy
Growth & Innovation Strategy
Loyalty Strategy
New Venture Strategy
Product Strategy
Sustainability Strategy

Data, Insight & Research

Customer Data Platforms
Dashboarding & Measurement
Data Analytics
Data Visualisation
Future Trends
MarTech Consulting
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Research Tools
ROl Optimisation

Experience & Design

Brand Design
Customer Experience Design
Graphic Design
Proposition Design
Service Design
Spatial Design
UX / UI Design

Tech & Development

Artificial Intelligence
Blockchain / Web 3
CRM Implementation
eCommerce & Marketplaces
MarTech Implementation
Mobile App Development
Software Development
Web Development

Advertising, Brand & Creative

Brand Strategy
Social Media
Creative Production
Digital Campaign Development
Editing / Proofreading
Video Production

Production Services

Audio Production
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Production Management
TV Production
Video Production

Media, PR & Events

Corporate Communications
Digital Performance Marketing
Experiential Marketing
Media Buying
Media Strategy & Planning
Shopper / PoS marketing
Social & Influencer Marketing

Employer Brand & Experience

Change Management
Employee Experience
EVP / Employer Branding
Internal Communications
Learning & Development
Purpose, Values & Culture
Recruitment Campaigns
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StudioSpace agency matchmakers

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to request that a non-disclosure agreement be signed by each agency?

All of our agencies have agreed to a non-disclosure agreement. Your project details will only be shared with agencies you have chosen to share them with. More information can be found in our Client Terms & Conditions.

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How much does StudioSpace cost?

For clients, it’s free to create an account, submit a project and match with agencies. Our agencies set their own pricing and they pay StudioSpace a service fee (15% of the total project value).

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How does contracting with multiple agencies work?

Your contract is with StudioSpace and once set up, you can work with any agency on our platform. We’ll set up briefing and proposal meetings and manage all the contract admin and invoicing.

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How do I shortlist an agency?

After creating an account and submitting your project:

  • Browse the marketplace, select the agency profiles you like
  • Click the ‘shortlist for project’ button in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Select your project

Alternatively, you can ask our agency matchmakers to create a shortlist for you based on their knowledge of our agency community. Speak to one of them.

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How secure is my data?

At StudioSpace, we’re committed to keeping our data secure as we build our platform. Our servers are self-managed and not shared with companies other than StudioSpace, all of our requests are protected through HTTPS encryption. Read more.

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What happens if an agency doesn't meet my expectations?

We recognise that like with any relationship, things don’t always work out as planned. That’s why every project you start with us comes with a StudioSpace guarantee, meaning that if an agency fails to deliver on their contract, we will immediately find a replacement at no charge.

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