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Need agency expertise in AR design or VR development?

When you’re stepping into the realms of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), having the right agency expertise isn’t just beneficial, it’s crucial. These technologies are transforming industries by enhancing customer experiences and creating immersive brand interactions. Brands that leverage AR and VR can forge deeper connections with their audience, standout in crowded markets, and foster innovation.

StudioSpace makes it easy to roster specialists with in-depth industry knowledge to propel your brand forward with cutting-edge AR and VR solutions. Under a StudioSpace MSA, brands can procure multiple agencies at once under a single umbrella contract that’s backed by our guarantee. Now that’s working at scale.

Our Agencies can Help you With:

  • Developing Immersive Brand ExperiencesIntegrating AR/VR lets your brand create captivating experiences that engage users in a profound way increasing brand loyalty and unique customer interactions.
  • Enhancing Retail and E-commerceAR/VR transforms online shopping into an interactive event. Customers can try products virtually which boosts confidence in purchase decisions and enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Training and Education ToolsUsing AR/VR for training can simplify complex processes, ensuring that employees understand their tasks better, leading to increased efficiency and fewer errors in the workplace.
  • Virtual Events and ConferencesVirtual reality offers a dynamic platform for events and meetings enabling participants from around the world to connect and engage as if they were together in person.
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People Also Asked

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality blends real-world scenes with digital elements. It changes what you see by adding images and information to your view, making things like games and learning more interactive.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a technology that creates a simulated environment. It uses computers and sensory devices like headsets and gloves. With it, you can interact with a 3D world that isn’t real. It’s used for games, training, and more.

How much on average do medium-sized companies spend on AR / VR?

Medium-sized companies usually spend around $50,000 to $100,000 on AR and VR each year. This cost can change based on what they need and how they use the technology. Some might spend more if they are working on bigger or more complex projects.

What are the latest trending topics in AR / VR?

The latest trends in AR and VR focus on immersive learning and remote work. These technologies enhance training experiences and offer new ways to connect teams globally. There’s also growth in AR for retail, allowing customers to try products virtually before buying.

What are some common mistakes brands make when implementing AR / VR?

Brands often mess up in AR/VR by ignoring user comfort, which leads to bad experiences. They sometimes choose flashy tech over clear, useful content. Lack of testing with real users can result in apps that are hard to use or fail to meet audience needs.


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