Studioverse: The Festival Of Limitless Creativity

10 minutes to read by Liz van Zyl

They say: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together…”

That’s exactly what we did at Studioverse in mid-June: We voted with our feet, took a stand and celebrated the limitless creativity our industry is capable of when we work together…

And we weren’t alone. Movers and shakers from big brands and pioneering specialist indie agencies joined us for the Festival of Limitless Creativity that took place at the Oxo Tower in London.

Guests have since called it “a momentous day for the marketing and creative sector.” Featuring a stellar line up of industry leaders from both agencies and brands as speakers, the program offered something for everyone - brainfood from a diverse set of perspectives, covering topics from Generative AI to NFTs and Creator Economies.

Demonstrating how much they care about empowering indie agencies and creating inclusive environments where agencies can compete fairly for work, big brands attended in spades. The likes of Aviva, Axa, Biffa,, Evelyn Partners, Gala Games, HSBC, Jaguar Land Rover, L&G, TSB and others were all in the room.

Our indie agency community made us proud on the day, too, with agency leaders traveling as far as Australia, Bulgaria, France and Italy to attend Studioverse - again helping us demonstrate how diverse, rich and engaged the StudioSpace agency community is.

The event also provided the ideal opportunity to share StudioSpace 2.0. Representing our fully-realised vision for a platform which offers you more choice, more convenience, and more control over your experience, the StudioSpace marketplace is a wonderful way to bring our shared vision for a richer, more creative and more diverse sector to life. Where indie agencies are given real opportunity to contribute while brands get the best specialist agencies working on their big business problems!

Guests were also treated to an impressive larger-than-life curved digital screen showcasing more than 100 interactive Studiospace agency projects from across the world. Not to mention the cool physical client and agency exhibitions - like the Aviva Escape Cube, XDesign’s GenAI demo station, Rankin Creative’s striking photography display and Jove Insurance’s bespoke business insurance offering.

The event itself was co-cordinated, designed and delivered with the help of exceptional indie agencies from within the StudioSpace agency community. With the team from Innovate Live helping to deliver a streamlined and smooth experience for all guests, speakers and exhibitors.

We even had a live mural of the events of the day captured by the super-talented Jean-Baptiste from Sketch & Co, another StudioSpace agency.

“While this is a momentous occasion for the marketing and creative sector, it is just the start for StudioSpace and the brands and agencies that are on this mission with us. Every penny that a brand spends with an indie agency contributes to a richer, more creative and more diverse sector for all - Studioverse was a great illustration and reminder of that!”

explains Pete Sayburn, our CEO.

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