Report Summary

The marketing world is constantly changing.

With trends coming and going faster than you can get the posts approved by your CMO, planning ahead can sometimes seem futile. After all, how are you supposed to be able to predict what’s going to be topping the TikTok trending audios in 3 months time?

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Industry Predictions for 2024

An increasing number of global brands are using the StudioSpace platform to brief external agencies across the full spectrum of Marketing and Digital services.

With hundreds of briefs running through the StudioSpace marketplace, we have a unique macro-level view of what’s in-demand in marketing services, as well as a broad overview of the types of projects and campaigns that big brands are investing in.

And we’ve used this view, alongside discussions with founders of cutting-edge agencies and big-brand CMOs themselves, to deliver a report of predictions on what we think 2024 will bring.

Key takeaways from the report

2023 has been a challenging year economically, but big brands are continuing to invest healthily in external agencies.
At StudioSpace we’ve found the largest investment sectors to include UX/UI design and Social and Content – which dominate the stats in terms of numbers of total briefs.
Although most brands have in-house UX/UI designers, we are seeing that the demand for this specialism is outstripping supply, meaning that brands are increasingly employing flexible resourcing models using external agencies to supplement internal capability.
The growth in demand for Social Media support is driven by the need for a huge volume of quality content. Brands are also relying on external support to master new channels like TikTok.
Other notable specialism investments include the likes of Creative and Production and Proposition Design, as brands seek fresh external thinking to help them propel their brands, products and digital experiences to compete in a market that is constantly changing and evolving.

Our detailed report also includes our predictions for 6 key areas of expected growth in 2024. From AI to hyper-personalisation, the predictions are certainly varied.

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