Episode #1: The Studiospace Vision

35 minute watch


July 14, 2022

July 14, 2022

Pioneer Sessions

Part 1

The problem with accessing specialist creative, digital & marketing agencies

Onerous RFP and sourcing processes can hinder independent agencies from working with big brands. The problem is, brands need access to the world’s best specialists - which is often found within these pioneering indie teams...

Part 2

Introducing Studiospace: A better way of engaging agencies...

What if you could access specialist creative, digital and marketing talent on tap, through a single marketplace.

Part 3

Why brands love Studiospace

Simple. Safe. Speedy. Access and engage the world's best and most pioneering creative, digital and marketing talent quickly, without the admin of getting your preferred specialist agency through procurement. Faster processes. Guaranteed quality. One marketplace.

Part 4

Showcasing independent p
ioneering agencies

Finally: a level playing field for independent agencies. Studiospace connects indies with clients who value working with pioneers like them. After all, founder-led indies offer more agility and drive, often combine
d with a true connection with big brand problems like yours.

Part 5

How brands can stop killing creativity

The current briefing process is broken. You ‘spray’ a brief out to agencies on your preferred supplier list and you ‘pray’ they come back with something useful. But because the large incumbent agencies that are on your corporate Preferred Supplier List weren’t sourced for your specific and unique p
roblem, it’s preventing you from getting access to the very best teams and the most creative solutions.

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