How-to Guide

What is Studiospace?

Studiospace is a marketplace that connects independent digital, creative and marketing agencies to corporate buyers.

We’re on a mission to showcase the world’s most pioneering independent creative teams and enable project owners to easily find them, brief them and pay them.

Agencies are Founder led, are handpicked by us and cover a range of skills and specialisms.

Our clients are ambitious leaders of every day businesses of all sizes who have a passion for creative problem solving because they know it’s the key to unlocking future value. Through the Studiospace marketplace they can browse, shortlist and brief agencies.

And ultimately, build a network of high quality creative partnerships to move themselves and their businesses forward.

How it works

Working with Studiospace is really easy.

For clients it’s free to use. You can browse, shortlist and brief the world's best agencies. We’ll set up briefing meetings, manage all the admin and payments. Your contract is with Studiospace. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome we’ll rework the project at no extra cost or refund your money.

For agencies, you can add your agency profile at the click of a button to be findable by clients. We’ll also invite you to join our global Founders’ community and provide you with a link to set up your own Studio Space so you can get paid on the same day you send your invoice.

We take 15% of the invoice value as our fee.

For Clients

Browsing & Shortlisting

You can scroll through our agency network and use the filters to help focus your search.

Clicking on the tile reveals more about the agency, from their specialism, examples or work and their general personality.

You can shortlist agencies that look interesting to you (you will be asked to create a simple profile so your preferences can be saved when you return).

For Clients

Submitting a brief

Briefing an agency is totally free.  

Via the “Submit a brief” button clients can either use our form and/or upload their own document. This can either be a written document or a video briefing. Whatever works best for you.

Once submitted, the brief will be sent to your shortlisted agencies.

We’ll set up “briefing meetings” so you can get to know each other and discuss the brief further. Once briefed your shortlisted agencies have 5 days to respond.

For Agencies

Creating your profile

Use the 'Add your Agency' button to create your profile highlighting your skills, specialism and examples of your work, and bring your personality to life.

We’ll get your profile live within a few hours of receiving your information.

For Agencies

Receiving briefs

When you’re shortlisted by a client we’ll contact you to set up a briefing meeting with the client. Here you can get to know each other and ask any questions you may have.

If you accept the brief you’ll have 5 days to respond with your proposal.

We’ll set up a second meeting for you to present and discuss your proposal with the client.

We’ll notify you on the outcome along with any feedback the client has provided.

For Agencies

Working on projects

We’ll set you up with your own Studio Space on the Studiospace platform and upload any projects you’ve won.

The Studiospace platform, as well as enabling early payment for work, has other features you may find useful, such as running the commercial side of your studio and managing project profitability.

You are free to use the platform for your own projects too (see Link).

Once the project work is complete, and pending client approval, you can invoice Studiospace and be paid within 24 hours.


The agencies set their own rate cards in any proposal provided.

For any work awarded, all client contracts are with Studiospace, not the agency.

Studiospace guarantees the work so that if a client is not satisfied with the outcome we’ll rework the project at no extra cost or refund the money.

Studiospace takes care of all payments and pays agencies on the day of invoicing, so there is no disruption to their cash flow.

Once all invoices are paid, Studiospace takes a 15% platform fee, already included in the price for the work.

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