How to brief agencies better

Research shows creative agencies think most briefs lack focus, clarity and inspiration. 78% of marketeers think the briefs they give provide clear strategic direction, but only 5% of creative agencies agree!

Brilliant brief fundamentals

When thinking about a brief, it’s important to bear the following in mind:

Project Outcomes

These are often overlooked in briefs. Spend time thinking about the changes you will have caused due to the project you will be delivering.

Truthful Insight

Bring to life the world of your target customers. Tell the agency both the good and bad about their experience with you, beyond just the data or their rational needs.

Inspire Your Agency

Show them your energy and passion. Tell them what great looks like in your eyes, which brands do you admire and why.

Chemistry & Honesty

The briefing process shouldn’t be transactional. Invest time in each other, to get to know each other. Don’t be shy when outlining the constraints that exist around your project- it’ll lead to great work.

The Agency Founder’s view

We’ve invited our agency Founders to help you create briefs that genuinely inform and inspire.Below are some of our agency Founders talking about what makes a brilliant brief in their area of expertise, along with an example you can download and use as a blue-print yourself.

What makes a brilliant UX/UI & service design brief?

Andy Kelly, Co-Founder at The Bang has spoken to us about the value of having a clear problem statement and why it's OK to not be sure what deliverables you want.

What makes a brilliant UX/UI & service design brief?

Kath Blackham, CEO at Versa "being transparent about the budget produces more thoughtful creative solutions".

What makes a brilliant UX/UI & service design brief?

Matthew Craig, Director at Mindarc  "be clear on your requirements but leave room for our creativity".

What makes a brilliant insight brief?

Rosie Baker, Founder at Living Proof "be conversational and embrace co-creation".

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