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For Marketing, Digital & Innovation Leaders

Marketing, Digital and Innovation-focussed professionals like you have so much on. And with VUCA being the new normal, it’s difficult to determine what the true industry trends and insights are that you need to be across.

One of the many benefits of the specialist intelligence brought by the StudioSpace’s on-demand agency network is that you get access to the brilliant brains of true pioneers - who bring their learnings from the vanguard to you, so that you actually get the insights you need without the hype.

StudioLive events, like the ones listed here, are designed to tap into this agency network of over 250 agencies in 70+ specialisms from across the world, and bring you real, tangible insights that are valuable and relevant to your strategic objectives.

StudioGrow events, by contrast, are specifically designed for approved StudioSpace agencies - and serves as a platform to empower agencies to continue to deliver more value in their business, projects and teams.

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StudioLive: Marketing Trends for 2024

Access to specialist intelligence on a global scale - that’s part of StudioSpace’s unique value.

As a marketplace with over 250 specialist indie agencies from across the globe, spanning 70+ areas of specialism, we have a broad overview of the types of projects big brands are investing in.

With hundreds of briefs running through the StudioSpace marketplace, we have a unique macro-level view of what’s in demand in marketing services and a broad overview of the types of projects big brands are investing in.

That’s what we’ll be delving into in this StudioLive session: How marketers have spent their budget in 2023 and the top trends we anticipate in 2024.

And we’ve got pioneers from each one of the most-in-demand specialisms to join us and share their insights into what’s going to be hot in their specialism in 2024.

These specialists include:

We’ve collated a year’s worth of data from our platform about the types of briefs we receive to work out what’s been going on and what we think will happen next year.

For example: We’ve seen a surge in demand for content creation, but why? And why has external help for events design and management floated in and out of our monthly Marketer’s Most Wanted?

These are the sorts of questions we’ll be answering alongside our panel at the event.

17 Nov 2023
8:30am BST
1 hour

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Get ahead of the curve now and sign up for this virtual event at the link below. We can’t wait to see you there!

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How StudioSpace helps you WIN: Agency Success Stories & Client Portal Insights

Nearly two years have passed since StudioSpace Marketplace was launched. Our agency network has grown to encompass 250 agencies, resulting in close to 500 interactions between agencies and clients.

During this time, the marketplace has undergone significant changes. We’ve gained valuable insights into various aspects:

  • The attributes clients seek in agency profiles and during initial meetings.
  • The reasons clients choose certain agencies, including factors like chemistry, compatibility, and the right qualifications.
  • The ways clients engage with the StudioSpace marketplace and utilize their client portals.

We invite you to join us as we explore these insights in depth and share strategies for achieving greater success with StudioSpace!

7 Dec 2023
8:30am BST
1 hour

Details here

You’ll also hear from some of the most prosperous agencies on the StudioSpace platform and learn about the functionalities of the StudioSpace client portal.

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StudioLive October 2023 - Maximising Marketing Budget & Getting The Most From Your Agency Spend

As we gaze into the economic forecasts for 2023 and 2024, the horizon suggests challenges. Given the shifting dynamics, the pressing question is: How can you optimise your marketing budget and extract the most value from your agency partnerships?

Join well-respected Marketing and Procurement leaders for an enlightening virtual event where we’ll explore strategies, insights, and best practices to ensure your marketing efforts are future-proof and effective.

13 Oct 2023
8:30am BST
1 hour

Details here

StudioLive Sep 2023

## StudioLive Sep 2023 - Cutting through the hype: how you can (and should) use Gen AI to transform your organisation.

Combining the expertise of three of the hottest specialist Digital, Creative, Brand, Innovation and AI agencies in the UK, this session is ideal for anyone who wants a real view of the potential use cases and benefits of Gen AI.

Expect to conclude the session with an actionable roadmap of how to approach introducing it into your team and organisation. And a broad understanding of how it can serve your team and organisation in both the short & long-term.

15 Sep 2023
8:30am BST
1 hour

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