6 Top UX/UI Agencies for Your Project

5 minutes to read by Liz van Zyl

Creating a great user experience is key to making your product or service stand out in today’s market. It engenders brand trust, and makes it easier for customers to access what you’re offering. 

That said many businesses just don’t have the time or capacity to perform this crucial step in-house. 

Fortunately, Studiospace marketplace has a slew of handpicked talented agencies just waiting to get working on your project. 

So whatever your business, Studiospace is able to connect you with the perfect agency for your product needs, while saving you a whole load of time.

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of 6 creative UX/UI agencies that will ensure your next project is customer-ready.

1 - Objective Experience -

Our first Studiospace marketplace agency, Objective Experience, brings 15 years of industry skill to the table.

With human-centred-design at its core, their approach is empathic and flexible.

But not content with making the product and service experience better for humans, their teams have also adopted non-human personas that centre on the environment.  This innovative approach allows businesses to uncover more ethical design choices right from the design stage.

With huge clients such as the Australian Government, Google, PayPal, and HSBC, Objective Experience has an impressive portfolio that speaks for itself.

And having served such a broad range of industries you can count on their breadth of knowledge when tackling even your most difficult project.

Using technologies and methods such as eye-tracking, diary research, focus groups and expert reviews, their attention to detail ensures optimal user journeys on all platforms.

2 - Submerge Labs -

UK based agency Submerge Labs are no strangers to successful brand campaigns.  Servicing a broad range of clients from FTSE 250 brands to government, retail, and charities, they meld experience, passion, and a drive for great content.

Their stellar reputation comes from over 20 years of media experience.  And as accredited members of the Content Marketing Association, you can be confident that they meet high industry standards.

With in-depth research, KPIs and performance monitoring, and content that’s written by experienced journalists, Submerge Labs creates purposeful content that keeps customers coming back for more.

3 - Smartshore Ability -

Another Studiospace marketplace member, Smartshore Ability, is an international agency with offices in The Netherlands and India.

And with long-term partnerships as a focus, Smartshore Ability is committed to making a difference to your business that will keep you coming back for more.  

A multidisciplinary agency, they have over 15 years of experience in the field.

Delivering on projects with big names such as Heineken, UNESCO, and The Red Cross, Smartshore Ability incorporate UX design and branding with API integration and web development.

4 - Helium -

Working with high-profile clients since 2013, Australian agency Helium is an agency with a big purpose – to dig deep in order to understand your organisation to its core.  

Whether it’s customer-facing or internal, government or corporate, they put in the time to build strong, lasting relationships and exceed expectations.

Their work with Roads and Maritime Services to create better feedback forms has had lasting impact, with over 100,000 inquiries served annually.  They seamlessly created a simplified user experience that resulted in 46% fewer phone calls.  

Their love of simplicity in design, process, and delivery is evident in their work, where they find clever solutions to complex problems.  And always with the customer in mind.

5 - Neu -

Another outstanding community member, Neu helps you innovate with their proactive approach.

By running experiments with real users from the word go, they make it easy to get ahead of the competition.

You won’t have to navigate the internal bureaucracy and waste time setting up research and testing teams – with Neu there ready to go, you’re free to focus on ideas.

And with objective insight, you then have a better idea of which ideas work, and which ones don’t.

With clients such as Google, the NHS, White Claw, and Warner Music, Neu has proven itself time and again.

6 - Tobias -

Australian firm Tobias is our last Studiospace marketplace member on the list, but they’re certainly not least.  In fact, they were awarded Good Design winner by Good Design Australia – twice.

They use evidence-based design, human-centred-design, and design thinking to drive value and positive change. They’re hands-on, with a broad range of experience and specialist fields at their fingertips, such as ethnography, software engineering, management consulting, and psychology to name a few.

Working with large organisations and government departments such as Bupa, BPAY, and the  CSIRO, Tobias always exceeds expectations.

They even offer design training for organisations of all sizes, tailored to your businesses needs.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you enjoyed reading about these incredible agencies, be sure to check out the others on the Studiospace marketplace.  You can browse our marketplace page and create a shortlist of your favourites for your own projects. 

And while you’re there, see just how quick and easy we make it to get set up with the right agency for you. 

We’re always expanding our community of clients and agencies, and we’ll be writing more articles like this to keep you in the loop, so stay tuned!

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