Our Story

Studiospace began 2 years ago as a dinner conversation.

We had recently sold our innovation consultancy, Market Gravity, to Deloitte Digital, having built it from a London hub of 10 people to 100 people worldwide.

Market Gravity helps big businesses take ideas from post-it notes to prototypes, in short time frames, that both challenged and emboldened corporate behaviours. In short, we strived to be the best friend to corporate entrepreneurs.

It was an amazing journey and one we were all proud to be a part of.

Backing indies

We were reminiscing about the incredible work we had delivered and the key theme of creative collaboration needed in every single project where you are designing and delivering the future.

The discussion quickly caught fire when we realised our passion was working with independent specialist agencies and their pioneering Founders.

We literally did a back-of-the-napkin sketch for creating a marketplace where the best independent digital, creative and marketing agencies and teams could more easily be found by the most creatively minded and entrepreneurial clients.

We believe that indie agencies are the future of creative services. So, we created a marketplace that makes it fast and simple for corporate buyers to find them, brief them and pay them.

Every agency in our community has been handpicked by us because they’re amazing at what they do.

We’re committed to helping our indie agencies thrive and achieve their ambitions, whatever they might be.In line with this, we created a Founders’ community where ideas can flourish and knowledge can be shared.

And free-to-use tools to help with their commercial management, especially during the difficult first 5 years of growth.

Our product is creativity

Creativity, in all its guises, drives us forwards.

We’re on a mission to present the very best specialist independent agencies who offer creative approaches to big business problems  to the world.

If you’re such an agency, we’d love to hear from you.

And, if you’re a client-side creative problem solver, there’s never been a better time to submit your brief (you'll just need to create a Studiospace account first).

Happy creating!

The Studiospace Team

Pete Sayburn, Gideon Hyde, Robin Scarborough and Paul Bowman start Market Gravity, a proposition design agency.
Market Gravity grows from a few people to a global team of 100 in less than 8 years.
Deloitte acquires Market Gravity.
Pete, Gids, Robin, Paul exit the business and, along with Neil Barnett as CFO, start Studioworks.
Phil Kohler joins Studioworks as CCO.
Studioworks rebrands as Studiospace to reflect its global marketplace positioning.

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