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From Madmen to Mathmen

Introducing Magic

Magic believes in being obsessively curious to enable us to think differently as we challenge the ways of today. We do this by using in-house mathematics, data and free-thinking to quantity the root cause of any problem or challenge…we just happen to buy media.

By entrenching customer-first strategies into the realm of mathematics, we can diagnose issues and opportunities with rapid frequency and systemically manage media better…

We are experts in the following:

  • Reactive mathematical analysis
  • Linear and non-linear modelling
  • Market Mix Modelling
  • Media Planning
  • Digital Strategy and Activation, including:
    • PPC
    • Programmatic Buying
    • Social Media Buying
    • SEO
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Compliance
  • Reporting and Dashboarding frameworks

We’re all a little crazy, a little quirky, and a little unconventional, but it’s people like us, the curious ones, that will be able to make a real difference.

To achieve this, our expectations internally at Magic are to:

Ask Why Always pull the thread of ‘why’ as far as it can go.

Give a s**t Take pride in everything we touch.

Be Brave Trust your data, and Magic is gonna back you in.

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Like what you see? 
Send a brief to your shortlisted agencies.

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