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If you like the look of a brief, you will be in charge of creating your initial proposal. We'll set up a meeting with the client so you can get to know each other. The budget and deliverables are on your terms - you decide.


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You invoice us, not the client. We take care of all the payments and ensure it all goes smoothly. We pay you on day 1 of your invoice schedule and we'll charge you 15% of the invoice value.

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We’ll take care of all the admin with the client.

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We charge a fixed commission of 15% on invoice value for briefs you win.

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What agencies are saying about us

Grant MacLennan


Studiospace directly connects us with clients with big problems to solve. Instant access to this scale enables us focus on doing the best work rather than scaling up on sales.

Matthew Bath


Really pleased to be here joining a vibrant, engaged community. There’s even a few jokes!

Adrian Wong


The automatic SoW generation is very neat and will save some small but regular headaches!

Our Story

We've worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet, to design and deliver the next generation of products and services to delight their customers. Along the way we've made plenty of mistakes, celebrated our successes and had loads of fun.

We know what it takes to launch, scale, and sell an agency and we’re bottling that experience up to benefit the next generation of pioneering agency leaders.

Pete Sayburn, Gideon Hyde & Robin Scarborough and Paul Bowman start Market Gravity, a proposition design agency.
Market Gravity grows from a few people to a global team of 100 in less than 8 years.
Deloitte acquires Market Gravity.
Pete, Gids, Robin, Paul and Neil successfully exit the business, and start Studioworks.



We are driven to make our community bulletproof, to give you confidence & time to keep growing and doing what you do best.

Our Purpose

We believe that pioneering agencies are the future. We exist to help them achieve rapid, profitable, growth while freeing up their founders to do what they love - to create incredible work for their clients.

We love the spirit of the Pioneer. The people who take risks and blaze their own trail. Adventurers, dreamers and go-getters. Restless, curious and obsessive. We understand your passion and your drive. We’re here to listen to your dreams and ambitions and to help you and your agency take the next leap forward.

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