UNIT9 is a multidisciplinary production company working in different interactive areas: films, games, virtual reality and digital technology.


Creative & Production

UX/UI Design

Software Development


United Kingdom

Team size

50 or more

How we charge

Fixed price deliverables, Time & materials

Social media

Directors, writers and technologists work collaboratively to create content, advertising, utility and gaming. Ad Age Production Company A-List, UNIT9 partners with clients to deliver cutting edge innovation

Introducing UNIT9

Funded +25 years ago, UNIT9 is an award winning global Production partner that creates innovative content and experiences with love.

Built from an extraordinary team of skilled strategists, innovation architects, product designers, software engineers, gaming experts, art directors, producers and film directors.

UNIT9 is operating 24/7 across time zones in one ecosystem. We have worked with the biggest brands on the planet, to design and deliver the next generation of digital solutions. We collaborate with agencies and brands who want to be remembered

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Like what you see? 
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