Three Whiskey

Three Whiskey

A performance marketing agency that blends digital expertise, behavioural insight and brand understanding


Marketing Planning

Social & Content



United Kingdom

Team size

50 or more

How we charge

Time & materials, Fixed price deliverables

Social media

The world is full of people asking questions. And they seek answers in more places than ever before. That's where we come in. We're Three Whiskey, we help you connect with more customers, more easily, in more of their favourite places.

Introducing Three Whiskey

We were founded in 2015 by CEOs Tom Jones and Ben Myall, who set out to build an agency that would get to the crux of what a client is really asking for and wouldn’t be intimidated by challenging, complex work. We’ve grown from 3 people to more than 60 in the past six years, and it's still our ambition to be the people clients turn to when they have a difficult problem.

We’re experts in paid media, search engine optimisation, creative, social media, research and analytics; we work across a set of practical disciplines to meet our clients' needs. All our services are designed to work wonderfully well on their own account, but they can be even more powerful when deployed in harmony.

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