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The Sandbox Company

Specialists in user-centred service innovation

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We help clients use design to tackle complex problems and achieve user-centred outcomes.

Introducing The Sandbox Company

Sandbox has been partnering with clients on service innovation since 2015. We believe in the role that design can have in keeping the rapid pace of technological and social change centred on human needs.

Our clients are tackling complex problems and seek innovative solutions that balance a deep understanding of users with organisational goals and constraints. We help clients prototype their way to user-centred outcomes.

Our offers include:

- Strategic design

- Design-led user research

- Concept and proposition development

- Service prototyping

- Live pilots

- Tactical design

We are a tight-knit, highly experienced and specialist team. We go above and beyond to seek value for all our stakeholders through our seasoned design approach.

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Like what you see? 
Send a brief to your shortlisted agencies.

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