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Nona Digital

We accelerate product development for growth stage FinTech & Blockchain companies.


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Our culture is based on twin principles: being warm and relaxed, yet professionally driven and excellent in all aspects of our work.

Introducing Nona Digital

We are an expert FinTech software consultancy. We design and build intuitive, scalable FinTech software for companies around the world.

We conduct ourselves and deliver value with a level of care and excellence that is rare and difficult to match.

We have garnered considerable expertise and experience in the FinTech space (with a particular depth in Blockchain product development) and continue to work with some of the global leaders as a preferred software expert across consultation, design, and development.

Some of our clients include:- Decentral (Co-Founder of Ethereum) CAN- Yoco RSA- Algorand USA- Tezos CHE- Civic USA- GBG UK

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Like what you see? 
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