Trailblazing tech products without the hiccups

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United Kingdom

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50 or more

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Time & materials, Fixed price deliverables

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We build trailblazing tech products without the hiccups. Through strong partnerships with our clients, we help them solve business goals.

Past projects include a loyalty app for Tesco that improved customer loyalty & increased spending by 300% or a betting platform with a 12% push notification open rate and over 10,000 users per month.

Introducing ADAMAPP, LTD.

Our journey started ten years ago in Prague, initially as a mobile app development studio.

We had the privilege of working with one of the biggest global brands, such as Tesco, MetLife, Vodafone, Volkswagen Group and McDonald's.

We are typically helping our clients to build end-to-end solutions that help to solve business challenges through technology.

We currently have a team of 80 and offices in Toronto, London and Prague.

Our vision is to build for our client's Trailblazing tech products without hiccups.

Our main USPs are the following: 1. Decade of experience building complex digital products - we have a senior team that can tackle any challenge within the product development process.

  1. Appreciating partnership - we see ourselves not just as your tech partner but also as your business partner committed to helping you achieve your goals.

  2. Easy to work with us - for us is essential to have the right chemistry & relationship with the client. It leads to building a successful product.

  3. We are not naive - we understand that will be some bumps on the roads and that proper communication is vital to overcome them.

  4. Experiences with global projects - understanding the pros and cons of working with different Time-zones and how to adjust the approach.

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